Analogue Speed Dome

  1. High Res 22x Optical + Digi Internal Speed Dome

    High Res 22x Optical + Digi Internal Speed Dome

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    This Dome offers the user Fast Panning Speeds and virtually every function needed for all round Controlled Observation. Each Dome will scan a 350 Horizontal and 90 Vertical area. A superb 22x Lens ranging from wide angle to telephoto is used with an additional close up facility of 10x digital. The Dome is supplied with a Ceiling Mount and a Power Supply. Learn More
  2. HSD2000 Speed Dome Accessories

    HSD2000 Speed Dome Accessories

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    A selection of accessories to assist the installer where the standard Mount cannot be used. Note that each Dome is supplied complete with its own Mount and Power Supply and the listed accessories complement the standard fittings. Learn More
  3. Dynahawk Speed Dome - Accessories

    Dynahawk Speed Dome - Accessories

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    # DYN-TDMP - Pole Mount.# DYN-GOOSMT - Goose-neck Wall Mount.# DYN-SWNK - Swan Neck Top of Pole Mount.# DYN-CPT - Corner Mount.# DYN-CMTPL(25) - Straight Pole Ceiling Mount (25cm).# DYN-CMTPL(50) - Straight Pole Ceiling Mount (50cm).# DYN-COAXCON - Coax Signal Converter.# DYN-DPWRBX - External Power Supply with Alarm inputs and Video Input. Learn More