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PRO2 - 4 Ch Pentaplex, DVD+RW, 3 X USB, Webserver

SKU:                  DVR4MTXPRO2

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PRO2 - 4 Ch Pentaplex, DVD+RW, 3 X USB, Webserver


A Superior quality 4ch DVR built by Professionals for users that require a High Standard of Operation, Recording and Archiving. Pentaplex operation allows Continuous Recording whilst in Playback Mode, or when accessing the DVR on a Network or Remotely through the Internet.

All models have inbuilt DVD Burners for Fast Backup of incidents and the DVD may be played without Software on any PC using Windows Media Player or with Video Player software that is burned to the disc at the same time as the incident. An Alarm or Motion Event can send an E-mail message to any recognised E-mail address.

A fully functional Webserver allows transmission over the Internet and in a Local Area Network. Up to 4 Users plus an Administrator may access the DVR at any one time and view Live or Recorded images. Recordings can also be saved to the Hard Drive of the remote PC for Printing etc. Most DVR setup parameters can also be changed remotely by an Administrator. In addition to individual DVR access using the Webserver - Multi Site Software is also available for up to 4 DVR's or Central Station use.

These DVR's can be supplied with HDD combinations up to 750GB internally and another 2000GB(2TB) with each DS200 Hard Drive Expansion Console (max 4) connected. An Optional DKB06 Remote Control Keyboard is also available, plus a Joystick Keyboard to control both the DVR and Speed Domes - PTZ Domes section. In addition the DVR has 3 USB ports and 2 Firewire ports for Backup and Software Downloads plus a VGA output for a PC type Monitor as well as standard Composite and S-Video outputs.


Key Features:

  • Pentaplex operation.
  • 100 PPS recording Frame Rate.
  • Main, Spot and S-Video Outputs plus VGA.
  • Up to 750GB HDD internal capacity + 2000GB(2TB) with each DS200 Expansion Console.
  • Display Single Camera or Quad.
  • Covert Mode.
  • Continuous or Scheduled Record.
  • Motion Detection and Alarm Record.
  • Webserver for Networking and Remote Access for 4 users and 1 administrator.
  • Multiple Site Software available for up to 4 DVR's or Central Station monitoring.
  • E-mail Alerts on Alarm or Motion.
  • 3 Resolution Modes and for each camera you have a choice of 5 Quality Modes and 6 individual PPS (Pictures Per Second - Frame Rate Settings)
  • 2ch Audio.
  • Fast Download to DVD Burner or USB with DVD option.
  • Replay DVD in any PC using Windows Media Player or embedded Video Player.
  • 3 USB ports and 2 Firewire connectors.
  • 2 X any sector of screen on Live or 7 X Zoom on Playback through PC, Network or Remote View with Rollerball Mouse
  • PTZ Dome Control.
  • Key Lock.
  • Multi DVR and Camera / Dome Control with single screen view of all Cameras using D7313H Keboard and MMX / MPX setting via additional control DVR.
  • Accessories include D7323 DVR RS485 Keyboard & D7313H Full Dome / DVR Joystick Control Keyboard.


Call For PriceNo
Accessories IncludedNo
Accessories OptionalNo
Alarm Inputs / Relay Outputs4 inputs / 3 outputs
Alarm Notificatione-mail message plus full screen alert on Call Monitor or Main Monitor
Alarm RecordingPre Alarm Recording ( variable settings from 0 sec ~ 30 sec)
Audio InputsNo
Audio Input Output2 x RCA Phono / 2 x RCA Phono ADPCM Compression
Backup DeviceInbuilt DVD-RW
Call Monitor OutputBNC x 1 (Video Monitor)
Camera InputBNC x 4
Camera Loop OutBNC x 4
Compression MethodMPEG-4 or MJPEG
Device Expansion3 x USB interfaces + 2 x Fast Ethernet (1000mb) Expansion Ports
Dimensions440(W) x 90(H) x 435(D)
Dual StreamingNo
Event BackupNo
Event ListMore than 10000 Alarm, Motion Detect or Video Loss events can be stored
Hard Drive OptionsNo
Image Record RateNo
Image QualityNo
Network Access (LAN)No
Main Monitor OutputBNC x 1 + S-Video x 1 (Video Monitor) VGA x 1 for Computer Monitor use
Mono / ColourNo
Motion DetectionNo
Net Weight6kg
Password ControlManaged Inputs for full Administrator set up or for User operation (Multiple Passwords for different Users may be set on Menu).
Playback Speed1 ~ 32X Forward / Reverse + Still Frame and Forward Frame advance
Dome & PTZ ControlsPTZ Dome Control with inbuilt Protocols + Coax Dome Control
Record FacilitiesFull Triplex - Recording continues whilst operating any other function eg - Playback, Remote Access, DVD-RW etc.
Record Frame Rate (PPS)Variable for each camera from 1, 3.12, 6.25, 9.35, 12.5 and 25 with maximum of 100 ips between all cameras subject to Resolution mode chosen.
Recording ModesSchedule / Manual / Alarm / Motion Detect
Recording Resolution (Quality Settings)MPEG-4720x576-4,10,16,22,28kb @25PPS 720x288- 4, 8, 12, 16, 20kb @ 50PPS 360 x 288 - 2, 4, 6, 8, 10kb @ 100PPS MJPEG 720x576-8,15,22,29,36kb 25PPS 720x288-8,13,18,23,28kb @50PPS 360x288 - 6, 8, 10, 12, 14kb @100PPS
Relay OutputsNO or NC Programmable Contacts
Remote InterfaceNo
Resolution (Best)No
Time and DateNo
Storage Media & Capacity160GB / 250GB / 500GB / 750GB Internal Hard Drives
Transmission / NetworkingInbuilt Full Web Server for internet and Networking for 4 users + administrator. Separate Central Staion Monitoring software is available for all cameras of - up to 4 DVR's to be viewed on a Multi Display Screen.
VGA Monitor Output1 Standard D-Sub Socket
Zoom2 X any sector of screen on Live or 7 X Zoom on Playback through PC, Network or Remote View with Rollerball Mouse

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